We all work hard to have a successful event, we sacrifice a lot of our time and resources that could have been of better use on somewhere else. When things go in our favor, we sometimes to more often, step on someone else’s toes. It doesn’t matter if its intentional or not – the thing is we should be more careful.

Actions may speak louder, but words can hurt as much. It can cost friends, affiliates and even business partners to turn sour.

When you are employed or representing a company or business, you become one with it to meet the goals of that company. You set aside your personal goals first, the company goal is your goal too. That’s the commitment one should keep with the company while under contract or employment.

Thus, when you rub your business partners or associates the wrong way – especially behind their backs, you are interfering in meeting that goal. You become a liability and can cause harm to the company’s relationship with its associates. This is why you have to be careful with your words, if your associates have done your company a favor – you give proper credit. You dont take everything to yourself, you dont brag, you do not gloat, you do not give a bad impression for your company.

It will even go for the worse when your business partners or associates are also your friends. There’s that personal factor, this is why most businesses don’t work out between friends, mostly because of the familiarity can become a liability if not handled well – and 7 out of 10 businesses formed by friends have lead to lawsuits and personal rifts. Want a good example? Watch The Social Network or make a research about Facebook.

In the nightlife and events industry, where people are closely connected to each other – tact should be always on guard. The irony is that its an industry that involves alcohol and when intoxicated, people unintentionally reveal their true colors – add that with an aggressive, impulsive demographic of 18-24 year olds and no wonder why the nightlife industry can get so messed up.