I recently had talks with a retired promoter and why she decided to leave the scene to pursue better interests.

The former promoter, whose identity we’ll keep anonymous for now, claimed that she was never popular in the same way that celebrities are popular. She claims that most promoters nowadays feel that they are superstars but they are as common and ordinary as an “internet cafe going DOTA addict” – and although she never wanted the status, she was still treated with very high regard.

“People suck up to me because they know I’ll do them a favor, they will praise, compliment and patronize me simply because they know I was getting them in” she said, “I was all about business, we need as many guests as possible and it’s all that mattered” she added.

But of course, it’s not all about quantity.

Siyempre, gusto mo pa rin yung quality diba?” (Of course, you’d still like to have quality right?) – she added that one of the challenges she faced was to be discriminating.

“During our time, it was different – my task was to be the club’s doorbitch because the establishment only had a bouncer and a security guard, the guest list was simply a small list of names of our close friends, everyone else had to pay”  She said, then she added “there were some guests who, were just not fit to be inside, I had the difficult task of questioning their character so I had to make it challenging for them to get in, we required an ID for guests, those we’re familiar with can get in without flashing their ID”

She also recalls getting pissed at one guest who was obviously stoned and at one was getting hostile already. “Nakakabuwisit yun! Ayaw ko na papasukin talaga and yung bouncer nasa loob pa kaya talagang pinabantayan ko rin sya – buti na lang hindi nagtagal at umalis din kaagad” (That was annoying! I really did not want the person to get in and the bouncer was inside that time, so I asked to keep an eye on him, good thing he did not stay long and left right away)

So I asked her what was her decision to leave the scene.

Dati naman kasi, hindi pa talaga uso yang promo-promoter na yanang term pa is organizer, pero yeah – nag iinvite din tayo ng mga guests through text and other means. (Before, promoters weren’t really much of a trend, the term was organizer but yeah – we had to invite through text and other means).

I never wanted to make a career out of it, I was having fun and I was getting something out of it. Time just came that you’re no longer happy and it’s getting repetitive, there were other opportunities waiting for me so I just wanted to move on”

When I asked if she regretted being in the scene: “No I don’t regret at all, as I said, I was having fun – although there were times I just wished I could have partied all the way, but I guess sometimes you have to be involved too so that the party remains classy’

She also added that the party scene today was no different from back then “if looking it in perspective”

Kasi naman kung titignan mo, yung tao lang ang nagbago at yung music (If you’re gonna look at it, it’s only the people and music that’s changed) – I only think ours was better because there was no competition among promoters, the current concept of what a promoter and the system right now was pretty much non existent back then”

She also feels that clubs have become “greedy” and that “because they’re obsessed with having everything for themselves, the quality of clubbing has deteriorated”

As our conversation concluded, she followed up to me “You yourself should know this because I know you experienced this many times already, if you’re burned up from working – you go back to being a regular party guy – a guest. It reignites your passion. Sometimes it wont hurt being gone for a few weeks and just watch behind the scenes. Hindi sa lahat ng oras ikaw ang bida at ikaw ang sikat(It’s not all the time you’re the star and the popular one).”

The retired promoter right now owns a business and has been partying once in a while, she has no plans on coming back in the industry unless it would be a “good investment”

Well perhaps owning or managing a club?