As of this writing, we’re two weeks removed from CalleCon – An Urban Music and Fashion Show Festival that was held at Green Sun Hotel in Makati. It was an event masterminded by three individuals who wanted to give back to the community and wanted to make up for what happened at a similar effort last year that ended up with several artists pulling out their performance.

Nick Hernandez of Midas Music & Entertainment/Hydro Manila, Doug Broclkehurst of TMP Productions and Dropout Marasigan of Rekta Sa Kalye then established CalleCon as an event that will truly give the local hiphop community a mainstream experience similar to what music festival producers do with their events.

For the love of Music.For the trust in Passion.For the striving Community.#CalleCon #CalleConPH #CalleCon2019@rektasakalye @mydollasignrecords @tmpprodeventsPhotos By: CeeJhay Dela Cruz | CDC Photos

Gepostet von Calle Con: An Urban Music & Fashion Show Festival am Sonntag, 19. Mai 2019

The event overall was great, the performances of all artists were really solid and majority of the attendants were smiling, it truly shows how passionate the local hiphop community is. However, an event is not 100% flawless – the end result became quite a mixed bag of comments – some were petty but there was enough noise on social media that the producers had to address. While there were a number of tempers that flared, there were zero incidents of anyone who passed out or got seriously hurt – the safety of the crowd was prioritized here hence the issue of crowd control came into play.

CalleCon 2 is inevitable and raises a lot of expectations that I know this time around, the producers will be able to give. A bigger venue, a more competent lights and sounds supplier and a bigger marketplace for merchandise is expected. Personally, I’d wish for a more accessible food stall also.

Despite some negative feedback, it’s not enough to deter nor discourage the producers from doing what they love. The biggest positive that can be made out of this, and I’ve stated it already above – our local hiphop community or industry however you may want to call it – is built with passion. Hiphop fans are among the most vocal and passionate ones out there that is why they expect a hassle-free and solid experience. I can say that CalleCon delivered and there’s room for improvement in a future iteration. Event producers know, that their next event should always be better than the last one. It’s a big task but I have faith with these guys, I’ve seen the effort these guys have pulled out with their own outings and I know that the future is safe.