Spiderman: Far From Home Trailer, Multiverse Confirmed?


The new Spiderman: Far From Home trailer has just been released and man, if you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet then here’s a spoiler warning for you. The movie takes place after the events that happened at Endgame – Iron Man’s dead, Thor has travelled to space with the GotG, Capt. America’s an elderly man. Spiderman is now trying to make a name for himself as a the super-hero but denies that he’s trying to be the next Iron Man. He goes on a vacation with the rest of his friends, which seems to have been snapped out in Infinity War as well as none of them are 5 years older.

What’s interesting in this trailer is that Quentin Beck – a.k.a. Mysterio seems to be a superhero that came from another world, in which Spidey asks about the existence of a multiverse. Nick Fury even said that the snap has tore a whole into their dimension.

Now this would raise a lot of questions and theories, with Disney’s acquisition of Fox which meant that The Fantastic Four and The X-men are coming home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this would be the simplest and easiest way to bring them in – as the existence of mutants or cosmic ray-powered humans were never ever mentioned in the movies. This could also easily bring other non-MCU properties like Venom as well.

Another interesting theory raised is that Black Widow, who died at Endgame after sacrificing herself so Hawkeye could retrieve the Soul Stone, is alive and well in this other dimension and maybe the setup for the upcoming solo movie that will kick off Phase 4.

Also, Loki may have created alternate realities as he was able to run-off with the Tessaract (which housed the Space Syone) after a botched heist in the 2012 scene in Endgame, forcing Iron Man and Cap to travel back to 1970 to get a version of the Tessaract and additional Pym Particles instead.

Or this could all be a ruse, Spiderman fans know that Mysterio is a villain and a master of illusion so this could all be his doing and is just making things up. What’s interesting is that there could be a plot twist in that in which Mysterio could be lying but there really is a Multiverse (that could be teased in the form of mid or post credit scenes).

Whatever it is, it makes Spiderman: Far From Home more interesting to see as the film serves as an epilogue of what Marvel Studios has called the Infinity Saga – the first three phases of the MCU that centered around the Infinity Stones. The next arc could all be about the existence of a multiverse and whatever time-space premise there is, making the existence of the X-Men and Fantastic 4 all more interesting.

Spiderman: Far From Home is showing on theaters July 2nd, 2019. Starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spiderman, Jake Gyllenhall as Quentin Beck/Mysterio, Marisa Tomei as May Parker, John Favreau as Happy Hogan, Zendaya as Michelle “MJ” Jones, Jacob Batalon as Ned. Also Starring are Coby Smoulders as Maria Hill and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.