Spider-Man: Far From Home, the sequel to the webslinger’s titular MCU debut in 2017 is the a fitting epilogue to the Infinity Saga which climaxed with Avengers: Endgame last April. The movie’s premise is this – Peter Parker returns to school, still grieving about the loss of his father-figure Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man and feels pressured about his hero duties as Spider-Man. The movie also explains how Peter and many of his schoolmates, including Betty Brant, Ned, Flash Thompson and MJ have came back 5 years later after being dusted by Thanos at the ending of Avengers: Infinity War. The school arranges a two-week summer field trip to Europe in which Peter joins as a way to cope with his Endgame hangover.

However, trouble seems to find its way to Peter Parker who is forced to save his friends and schoolmates from becoming casualties. With the aid of Nick Fury, Peter Parker once again dons his Spider-Man outfit to step up as an Avenger.

Far From Home, like any MCU flick balances fast-paced action with funny moments and heart-warming scenes. Tom Holland does a good job at both being Peter Parker and Spider-man while Samuel L. Jackson and John Favreau who plays Nick Fury and Happy Hogan respectively both act as Peter’s mentors, offering guidance to a teenage boy who suddenly had to bear the weight of extreme responsibility by his own hands. Jake Gylenhaal, who plays Quentin Beck a.k.a. Mysterio plays the role perfectly as well as his character helps set up the events throughout the movie that will put Spider-Man up to task.

While Homecoming gave us a Spider-Man eager to get in some action, Far From Home is more of a “be careful what you wish for” story now that Iron Man is gone and the rest of the Avengers are unavailable, it’s time to step up and be the hero you want to be.

Far From Home also acts as a bridge to the next phase of the MCU – which will officially kick off next year. Just don’t leave yet when the credits start rolling and you will definitely be teased with what’s next for the MCU – and our best bet is that it will be similar to the Secret Invasion story arc the comics had over a decade ago.

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