Nintendo reveals the Switch Lite.


The cat in the bag is out – one of Nintendo’s worst kept secrets has been a new Switch model which others call a Switch “mini” – but now it’s officially here and it’s called the Switch Lite.

First and foremost, its optimized for handheld play – so it doesn’t connect to your TV, the USB-C slot is purely for charging only. Second, the controller is fixed into the system, meaning it’s not detachable, the directional buttons on the left is replaced by a D-pad (finally) – also, there’s no HD Rumble and IR Camera found in the JoyCons. There’s also no kick stand so it’s a purely handheld experience for this iteration.

The Switch Lite’s screen is only 5.5 inches with an output of 720p. The Switch Lite is still compatible with Switch controllers that you can pair it with wirelessly. It’s noticeably smaller and slimmer than the original Switch, and understandably some key features have been removed. The features that it retained though are the touch screen, Wi-Fi, NFC and gyro controls

As for battery life, the Switch Lite promises 3 to 7 hours of play time depending on how the game performs, that’s an extra hour that you’d get from the original one’s 2-6 hours of playtime.

To cap it off, this version of the Switch is for people who prefer to play their games on handheld mode, since many Switch users are mostly playing it on the go or in their own private spaces, away from big screens. It’s also the more affordable model, so people who just want a game system they can enjoy without spending too much can experience Nintendo’s latest offering.

The Switch Lite will be available on September at a price point of $199, available in three colors: Turquoise, Yellow and Gray as well as a special Pokemon edition.