Well what do you know? It seems that our branding jinx has returned and somebody wants to torture us with another re-brand. I wont be surprised anymore if we’ll have our website’s domain name blocked from Facebook again. It’s becoming a vicious cycle and to be honest we just want to move on and prosper with our brand name of choice.

Anyhow, yes – we’re now called ZAZZ (or ZAZZ.ph) effective immediately and we’re re-creating ourselves again. We’ll still continue covering social media trends, geek culture, comics and events entertainment like we always do.

This is after receiving some unfortunate news that we can no longer use Jive Magazine due to a potential copyright issue. Instead of exerting effort to dispute this, we’d just take the easier road this time and re-launch with a new brand. We are aware that this affects our brand integrity altogether, but this is still a fresh media startup that has a long way to go. Re-brands are often times inevitable in a business where mergers and acquisitions occur. Our case though is different, we’re starting to think that some divine force is preventing us from gaining any momentum or traction.

So why ZAZZ and what does it mean? Honestly, we just used an online brand name generator and we ended up with the word “ZAZZ” and we learned that its good enough and kind of fits what we cover as a media brand. When we Googled for the meaning of “ZAZZ” one meaning on Urban Dictionary says “The Essence of Extreme Coolness” – so yeah, that one nails it, so we pushed on with it.

The .com domain was taken so we went with ZAZZ.ph as we wanted the shortest available option.

The new cover for RaveForce Chapter 1 : Special Edition

One of the big changes moving forward is that all episodes of our flagship comic RaveForce have been taken down – but not to worry, we’re setting up a new separate website for RaveForce called RaveForce Online and the current episodes will be updated with revised panels and artwork plus a few dialog changes while still retaining the plot and overall flow of the story. The updated first three episodes will be part of Chapter 1 Special Edition print that will be available in August along with Chapter 2 (which will have episodes 4 to 7).

RaveForce Online will launch within the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!