It was just an ordinary day, I was busy doing my work and at the same time finishing up the latest episode of RaveForce until I noticed something weird in my timeline. It seems that one of my shared posts from the Facebook Page of Jive Magazine (then Jive Comics) was deleted. I then learned that Facebook marked it as spam and suddenly, I couldn’t share anything from that page anymore. To make matters worse, I couldn’t even like posts from the Instagram feed as well.

I found out the url was blocked by Facebook, not only that but the domains and – all of which redirects to – were blocked as well. So I couldn’t share anything on Facebook as long as these pages have a link to the blocked url and I couldn’t like anything on Instagram as long as the account has that blocked url as well.

I appealed to Facebook to unblock the domains but with Summer Komikon just around the corner, I had to make a workaround fast.

I didn’t have enough time to wait for Facebook’s Support to reply and I highly expect that they’ll just reject it and will stand firm by their decision. I Googled around for tips and one extreme solution was to change domains. So I went with that route.

Originally I was going for but then I took another look into the Facebook Page, one video post I made last March 16 was engaging users a lot and resulted a spike in page likes and follows. So I thought, why not go with Jive Magazine instead? I’m sure some netizens will ask: “Why would a comic publisher post stuff like these on their Facebook page?” Besides, there are magazines that have comics in them – in that way I can still post other stuff that could keep the online community engaged.

I was weighing on a decision, and with nobody to counter – I took the risk and made a minor re-brand from Jive Comics to Jive Magazine.

Another hurdle presented itself to me – is being sold for around $2000, and that was the least expensive price as its marked as a premium domain. The next best option was to get the .ph domain so that’s what I did. It’s more expensive that a regular dot com, but way cheaper than most jive-something dot coms being sold at a premium.

The last three days was a social media branding nightmare that I had to hustle through. It came at a cost of making a minor re-brand, but all is good now.

Last November, my Facebook account was disabled due to a violation that I allegedly did, and it knocked out my Instagram accounts that were connected to it as well. I had no choice but to start over and re-activate my older Facebook account which was becoming a toxic wasteland of drama and shit-posts. It took a while to make a social media cleanup because I was supposed to be starting off with a clean slate. Facebook’s Community Standards has become a confusing mess especially if you don’t know which of its policies you violated. Nudity or Pornography? I admit that there are some NSFW illustrations in the comic pages posted here but what about the countless shit posts of erotic illustrations posted directly by these Facebook profiles and pages and being shared by these horny bitches and fuckboys? I even tried reporting those but Facebook doesn’t see it as violating their so-called standards, I am starting to think they’re playing favorites here or someone who secretly hates me works for Facebook now because I feel like I’m being screwed over and over big time.

To get rid of the hassle, you got to…

But nah, I’m not one to just give up like that – to get rid of the hassle, you got to hustle. So moving forward I’ll be making sure Jive Magazine sticks because this ordeal caused a lot of delays on my other plans, not to mention I had to put extra hours in my work because I had to make time to get this resolved ASAP.

Oh well, its time to be moving on again. Welcome to Jive Magazine.